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Marsa Harness Racing
Marsa Horse Track was close to be one of the longest tracks in Europe measuring about 2600 metres. But because local race goers wanted to have better view of the whole race resulted that in 1981 the track was built as a 1000 metre track. In 1996 the track was renewed and is now up to a very good standard. Special events held at this Racetrack were twice The European Apprentice Drivers Championships and in 1998 The European Professional Drivers Championship. Race distances vary from 1640 metres and 3200 metres.

The racing season starts in October and ends in June. Approximately 700 trotters take part in about 500 races held in between 50 and 60 meetings.
Horses are normally divided into 9 Classes. Class A1 being the most prestigious and Class H being the lowest. Imported horses are placed in respective Classes according to their winnings till importation.
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