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These Pictures was taken by Stephen Hamilton
These are some of the many photos I have of Marsa I took all these shots and us Marsin
are very privileged to have so many emenities in our local area no wonder everyone is
the envy of us apart from the heavy industry annnd pollution we also have some beautiful
spots as the pictures indicate.

View of Marsa Track

Slaughter House Albert Town

Fishermens Street

New Swings in Kungress Marine St

Azzopardi Street

Old Horse race track

View from Marsa Sports Club

December 13 Road

Balbi Youth Club

Marsa Boy's Club

Madonna in Dec 13 Street

Boys Museum

Kids having fun

Pool at Marsa Sports Club

Marsa Horse Racing Club

Turkish Cemetery

Monument of Cross Road

Athletic Sports Facilities

View from Bridge Blata Bajda

Marsa Road

Shot Taken From Mum House

Spencer Gardens

Balbi Street

Piazza Marsa Road

Gate at Golf Club

Marsa Sports Club

Marsa Creek

Marsa Creek

Marsa Sports Club Tennis

Marsa Horse Racing Club